“Hoisting” a Amazing Jargon in JavaScript.

1. Simple Functions declarations/ Function Statement

So as all of we know this is a simple ways of function declaration :

Function statement or Function declaration

2. Function Expression

So what is function expressions?. As we seen above code(Simple function declaration and function call) it was a simple function statement or declaration. But now we will see how function expressions are created .

Function expressions

So what is Hoisting?

Hoisting is nothing but the JavaScript interpreter which scans the functions and variables declaration code from top to bottom line by line .

Function statement call 1
Function statement call 2
Function Expression call 1
Function Expression call 2
Variable declared above console
Variable declaration below console.


In this article i hope you get to know how Hoisting came into the JavaScript picture. Especially for beginners who get’s confused Hoisting i tried to explain the concept in a simple way. There are too many Jargon's in JavaScript like(Closure, IIFE, arrow function, call back, promise etc….) and will also try to explain about that in my future articles . I also ensure that when you try to read about this Amazing jargon's of JavaScript you will love this programming language.



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Aayush Bhankale

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