In this article we will briefly know about the concept of , what view-encapsulation is and how it manipulate with the DOM. We will also gonna see about some sub-concepts of view encapsulation(like Shadow DOM etc) which will give an idea of how its works. So lets get started.

So what exactly is View Encapsulation?

In Simple words, Each component has its own styled css, which is encapsulated into its own component view and don’t affect the rest of the application.

In these, one main keyword is Shadow DOM. So what is Shadow DOM?

ShadowDOM is nothing but , it allow us to apply Scoped styles…

This article is recommend for beginner level guys , who gets confused with jargon Hoisting. So as you all know that JavaScript’s functions is one of the most important or core part which has many different ways of it’s representation’s. Here below I will be discussing about, how hoisting came in to the picture and how to identify it. And even interview perspective its is important.

1. Simple Functions declarations/ Function Statement

So as all of we know this is a simple ways of function declaration :

So this also called a function statement;

Function statement or Function declaration

2. Function Expression

So what is function expressions?. As we seen above code(Simple function declaration…

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